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Air Freshener / Odor Control

Smells are deeply connected to our emotions, and breathing pleasant smalls can make you cheerful and peaceful. The scents travel through the nose to the brain’s limbic system, which controls emotions and feelings. Positive smells trigger positive feelings which reduces/relieves stress and anxiety.

We supply a complete range of odor control and air freshening products for your facilities, public washrooms and your home, from solid air fresheners, non-aerosol sprays, to dispensing systems with various natural fragrances to choose from. Our system uses fuel cell technology that guarantees continuous, consistent and accurate delivery of fragrance in the air. The performance is far superior to conventional products.


Unlike conventional air freshening products that simply mask odors with irritating chemical fragrances, all our products are made with natural ingredients that can neutralize and eliminate odors, and freshens the air. All our products are VOC, Prop 65, and CARB compliant so that you can feel good and feel safe.

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